Why Gerrie Schipske for Mayor


Gerrie Schipske has consistently stood up to the political machine in Long Beach. 

From the beginning of her public service, she has demanded that public officials be open, transparent, and accountable.

Consider this:

  • Before entering elective office, Gerrie challenged the City on the manner in which it handled sexual assault and domestic violence cases. Her work resulted in a Sexual Assault Response Team, and the formation of a Women's Advisory Committee to the Long Beach Police Chief.
  • As President of the Long Beach Community College Board of Trustees, Gerrie spearheaded establishing district elections years before being required, which saved the District costly litigation.
  • Gerrie was the lone vote on the City Council that stopped a parcel tax from being placed on the ballot that would have been passed by a simple majority. Instead, the ballot measure required 66-1/3% of the voters and was defeated.
  • Gerrie was the lone vote on the City Council that questioned the proposal to tear down City Hall (instead of refurbishing it) and which now places the City in considerable debt for 40 years.
  • Gerrie launched "Open Up Long Beach" to inform taxpayers of how the City government operates. She was honored by the White House in 2013 as one of only seven "Champions of Change for Open Government."
  • Gerrie authored a City ordinance that makes it illegal to destroy the records of an elected official for 10 years following their leaving office. 
  • Gerrie was the lone councilmember who with her staff and residents. walked the 5th Council District and inventoried streets, sidewalks, and alleys needing repair, and then involved residents in prioritizing repairs.
  • Her fight for taxpayers continued after she left City Council when she noticed that the City was steadily increasing pipeline fees on City-owned water pipes and then passing along the assessment to water ratepayers. Gerrie assisted residents in successfully asking the court to stop the assessment.
  • Most recently, Gerrie encouraged legal counsel to take on the City for placing an illegal tax on water department revenues and then passing the tax onto water ratepayers. Ratepayers have won at the trial and appellate levels with the courts ruling that the 12% transfer of revenues is an illegal tax on water services.
Help Gerrie Schipske take on the political machine that wants to control Long Beach!

Nine Reasons Gerrie Schipske is Running for Mayor of Long Beach

Gerrie Schipske has an incredible history of public service in Long Beach. She served on the Long Beach Community College Board of Trustees and the Long Beach City Council. In both of those positions, she was a leader for open, transparent, and accountable government. Gerrie is running for Mayor because she is concerned that currently, the Long Beach city government is not open, transparent, or accountable.

Gerrie wants to bring together the residents of the nine councilmanic districts in the city through a series of initiatives that will make city leadership more inclusive, more practical, and more accountable. These initiatives include:

1.       911 Ready Long Beach: Making public safety a priority again to keep our neighborhoods safe by fully funding staffing, training, and equipment for fire and police. Make certain residents receive fast responses when they call 9-1-1 and that first-responders have the critical information they need to do their jobs.

2.      Office of Inspector General: Establish a citizen commission on charter changes to expand the role of the city auditor to include an Office of Inspector General with subpoena powers to investigate waste, fraud, and corruption.

3.      Support Campaign Finance Reform: Stop the use of Mayor and City Council officeholder accounts for political campaigns.  Currently, politicians are violating the City’s Campaign Finance Reform Act which prohibits fundraising for campaigns more than a year before the election. They are raising funds year-round for their “officeholder accounts” and then transferring the money into their political accounts.  

4.      City Performance Dashboard: Implement online disclosure of quarterly measures on how the city is performing in every program and service.

5.      Citizen Commission on Budget and Debt Oversight: Establish a citizen commission to review revenues and spending and to provide oversight.

6.      Open Up Long Beach: Post online data to fully disclose city revenues (taxes, fees utilities, federal and state grants, and funding) and expenditures, as well as council voting and attendance records.   

7.       EMPOWER LB: Include an Office of Neighborhood Empowerment and establish neighborhood councils in each district comprised of those who live, work or own property or a business there to provide input on the issues that are before the City Council.

8.      LB CAN: Long Beach Climate Action Now will expand the proposed Climate Action & Adaptation Plan adopted by the city to include green space and park expansion throughout the city, stronger efforts for cleaner air and water, and aggressive reduction of pollution on the westside of the city, workforce training and job placement in new sustainable economies.

9.      Be Well Long Beach:  Make available extensive mental health, drug, and alcohol rehabilitation programs through the City Public Health Department.


Together, we can get Long Beach working again, for all of us!   


  1. What are you actual platforms? What are your priorities to be addressed if mayor? I’m not interested in the past.I’m interested in the future and what you pan to do.


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