Sunday, May 29, 2022

Schipske Calls Recent Mailer Sent in Support of Her Opponent “Wholesale Deception."

Schipske Calls Recent Mailer Sent in Support of Her Opponent “Wholesale Deception."

Warns Voters of Outbreak of Virulent Strain of Lying Which Is Infecting Long Beach Mailboxes – Claims Can Only Be Stopped by the Truth.

Files Yet Another Complaint with City Clerk that Independent Expenditures Are Not Being Reported to Candidates as Required by City Code.


Long Beach, CA – Attorney Gerrie Schipske, candidate for City Attorney, today called a mailer sent by supporters of her opponent a “wholesale deception in an attempt to suppress my strong voter support.”

The mailer was sent as an independent expenditure of the Neighbors for a Better Long Beach political action committee to only registered Democrats. The mailer alleges that Schipske is supported by the Long Beach Area Republican Party, implying she sought the endorsement.

Schipske, who has been honored by Presidents Clinton and Obama and who once served as the Executive Director of the Orange County Democratic Party, described the mailer as “a sad example of the self-loathing of the contributors who paid for the mailer, and who believe that the worst damage they can do to my candidacy is to say the Republican voters support me. At no time have I contacted either the Republican or the Democratic party organization for an endorsement in my campaign for City Attorney because I strongly believe this is a non-partisan office and the candidate should represent all voters of Long Beach regardless of their political affiliation.”

Schipske points out that the mailer omits the Long Beach Police Officers Association as an endorser of her opponent and one of the major contributors to the mailer.

Earlier in the week, Schipske filed a complaint with the City Clerk concerning the fact that this same Neighbors for a Better Long Beach had failed to report to her campaign the independent expenditure made on behalf of her opponent for another mailer.

“Independent expenditures are required by City Code Section 2.01.630 to be reported within 24 hours of the expenditure. Once again, my opponent’s supporters are violating the law with impunity because getting her into office is obviously more important to them than following the law.”

Schipske suspects her opponent’s supporters aren’t done with their "tricks and treachery" and warns­­­­­­ voters in the remaining days of the campaign that “this virulent strain of lying is infecting Long Beach mailboxes. Be careful and cautious and know that the truth is the only cure for this terrible disease plaguing Long Beach.”

Attorney Gerrie Schipske is the ONLY candidate for City Attorney with over 32 years of legal, legislative, and administrative experience at every level of government and the private sector. She is the ONLY candidate for City Attorney to be honored at The White House as a Champion of Change for Open Government and to make Anti-Corruption her top priority.

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