Thursday, May 5, 2022

Schipske Admits Error in Her Financial Report – Problem Was Corrected Immediately: Says Threat of Criminal Prosecution is Pure Political Theatrics

Gerrie Schipske, candidate for City Attorney, tonight issued the following statement after receiving a letter via email from outside counsel retained by the Long Beach City Attorney informing her that there were problems with the first financial report filed for her campaign on 4/28/2022 and that a criminal complaint would be filed by the City with the District Attorney:

“Tonight, I received notice from lawyers hired by the City Attorney that my campaign finance report filed four business days ago, indicated that I had loaned my campaign committee $50,000 which exceeds the City imposed limit of $15,000.

I am totally aware of the loan limits Long Beach has set. I immediately contacted my treasurer who corrected what the report should have initially shown. A total of $15,000 had been loaned to the committee and the remainder of the $50,000 was to be posted as a $35,000 contribution. At no time was there any intent to violate the Municipal Code limitations. The amounts loaned and contributed were unfortunately not distinguished in the report. My treasurer apologized but I accept full responsibility for the filing.

I came into the campaign late and my opponent had already raised a considerable amount of money. I felt I needed to spend my own money to get the campaign going.

The other problem cited by the City’s hired attorneys was that one contributor had made two contributions: $259.23 and $600. Contributions are limited to $600 a person. In fact, the contributors were separately made by a married couple, whose both names appear on the checks.

The threats by outside counsel to refer this correctable error to the District Attorney as a criminal complaint is being done as pure political theatrics and to garner headlines. The attorneys have also threatened to sue me for $105,000 which is 3 times the amount exceeding the $15,000 allowed as a loan.

The problems have been corrected and I look forward to being elected on June 7th.” ###

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